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Welcome to faircloud

Access via Web browser at or directly at with your fairlogin account.

faircloud features

faircloud is based on nextcloud and offers file management and syncing plus several useful apps

  • calendar
  • addressbook
  • tasks
  • photos
  • bookmarks
  • deck
  • notes
  • circles to manage groups
  • ...

Some features are only available with fairapps basic or fairapps pro, see our comparison list

In files you can have a file which is shown on the top - just click there. This new feature (introduced in nextcloud 18) enriches any folder with a WIKI page.

Sync files

Install a sync client for your desktop or smartphone, choose Log in to your Nextcloud and use as server address and login with your fairlogin account.

On your smartphone you can set uploading photo images automatically to your nextcloud.

Sync calendars, contacts, tasks


Install OpenTasks and the DavX5 app to sync calendars, addressbooks and tasks. Connect to

If you want to sync an existing calendar and addressbook which is local on your smartphone, you need to first export and import them to the new calendar and addressbook.


Connect to - you find the correct link on the left bottom of the calendar tab in the webview of nextcloud. There are Problems reported with the synchronisation of caldav and carddav on macOS 10.15.5. Either try this.


Install the Thunderbird add-ons TBsync and Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV and follow this guide. As Server URL enter https;//

Alternatively use manual (old) method: follow this guide and use a link like this: - you find the correct link at each faircloud calendar behind the three dots.

Sync notes

Install nextcloud notes app for Android or iOS, select as a server your existing faircloud (or any other nextcloud account) which you had configured in the nextcloud file sync app and enjoy having all your notes on all devices.

Sync decks

If you use the Deck app for task or project management there is also a nice Android App, also available for F-Droid. Choose as server

Only Office

faircloud has Only Office embedded to collaborate on documents. OO prefers docx, pptx, xlsx file formats. The Open Document Foundation formats odt, odp, ods are also supported, but may be not fully compatible to rendering with the LibreOffice or Collabora editors.

Start an online meeting

faircloud allows to start a videoconference with 'Meet'. If selected from a PDF, it is used as the presentation slides. For more than 2 participants you need to obtain a package.

User Documentation

nextcloud 20 user manual

Get your nextcloud client to sync files. You find the settings for calendar or addressbook clients (such as DavDroid) in the bottom left. You simply use your fairlogin account as credential.

For the Thunderbird Lightning Calendar you use the link behind the three dots (see #24 (closed)).


Managing groups

With fairapps-basic or fairapps-pro you can manage memberships in circles. Members need be also activated with the circles app, so they can confirm their membership.

For organisations, we usually set up a special organisation-admin account, who is the owner of a main organisation folder. This user shares the main folder with the group (but is not itself part of the group to avoid circular share issues). An independent main folder owner is to prevent troubles, if a founding user would leave the organisation. An admin could transfer the ownership of a folder to another user, though: sudo -u www-data php occ files:transfer-ownership --path=“name of folder” usernamefrom usernameto

Alternatively, the groupfolder app may be an option which we are currently testing.

Adding external storage

Any user can add an external storage, which support WebDAV or sftp.


If you encounter a problem or have a wish, please submit an issue on the left.

We also offer support packages to guide you or your team. Here you find all fairkom support channels.

Technical Documentation

faircloud documentation for fairkom sysamdins