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Welcome to faircloud

Access via Web browser at and use your fairlogin account (get one for free at )

faircloud features

faircloud is based on nextcloud and offers file management and syncing plus several useful apps

  • collaborative editing of documents, tables or presentations
  • calendar
  • addressbook
  • tasks
  • photos
  • bookmarks
  • deck (kanban board)
  • notes
  • carnet (note pads, also available as Android app with full syncing!)
  • circles to manage groups
  • webmail client (basic & pro)
  • mind maps (pro)
  • whiteboard - collaborative drawing (basic & pro)
  • start a fairteaching meeting (right click on PDF uploads it as a presentation)
  • time tracker (pro)
  • ...

Some features are only available with our fairapps basic or fairapps pro plans, see our comparison list.

In files you can have a file which is shown on the top - just click there. This enriches any folder with a WIKI page, where you can describe the content of the folder or add links.

You can upload files up to 3 GB of size. Total available disk space depends on your plan:

If you use faircloud as an organization, we recommend that you set up one extra account YourOrganizationAdmin, which then shares all resources (calendar, folders etc) and not bind those to a person's account.

Sync files

Install a sync client for your desktop or smartphone, choose Log in to your Nextcloud and use as server address and login with your fairlogin account. Then choose which folders you want to sync.

Renaming or moving a file may not touch the timestamp on your local device.

On your smartphone you can set uploading photo images automatically to your nextcloud.

You can also access your files with a WebDAV client, e.g with DAVx5 on your Smartphone. As webdav address use

Sync calendars, contacts, tasks


Install the apps OpenTasks and the DavX5 to sync calendars, addressbooks and tasks. Connect to server (in case this does not work use the full URL which you also find on the bottom left).


DavX5 setting

If you want to sync an existing calendar and addressbook which is local on your smartphone, you need to first export and import them to the new calendar and addressbook.


Connect to - you find the correct link on the left bottom of the calendar tab in the webview of nextcloud.


To connect your Nextcloud with macOS to synchronise calendars and contacts follow these instructions Important: No Whitespaces in your Username are allowed! If it doesn't sync try creating an app password in your Settings > Security and use this for your connection.

Subscribe calendar

You can subscribe a calendar from another calendar server like Google or TERMINO (read only).


You also can subscribe the other way round an existing nextcloud calendar into a new Google calendar. Open the share button and get a subscription link.


Syncing between a nextcloud and a Google calendar both ways with Caldav is not supported (we develop a universal calendar for, expected in 2023).

Holiday calendars for AT and DE are offered for fairapps basic and pro users. Or create and import your own from here.


Install the Thunderbird add-ons TBsync and Provider for CalDAV & CardDAV and follow this guide. As Server URL enter

Alternatively use manual (old) method: follow this guide and use a link like this: - you find the correct link at each faircloud calendar behind the three dots.

Sync notes

Install nextcloud notes app for Android or iOS, select as a server your existing faircloud (or any other nextcloud account) which you had configured in the nextcloud file sync app and enjoy having all your notes on all devices.

Sync decks

If you use the Deck app for task or project management there is also a nice Android App, also available for F-Droid. Choose as server

Only Office

faircloud has Only Office embedded to collaborate on documents. OO prefers docx, pptx, xlsx file formats. The Open Document Foundation formats odt, odp, ods are also supported, but may be not fully compatible to rendering with the LibreOffice or Collabora editors.

Start an online meeting

faircloud allows to start a videoconference with 'Meet'. If selected from a PDF, it is used as the presentation slides. For more than 2 participants you need to obtain a package.

User Documentation

nextcloud 20 user manual

Get your nextcloud client to sync files. You find the settings for calendar or addressbook clients (such as DavDroid) in the bottom left. You simply use your fairlogin account as credential.

For the Thunderbird Lightning Calendar you use the link behind the three dots (see #24 (closed)).


Managing groups

With fairapps-basic or fairapps-pro you can manage memberships in circles. Members need be also activated with the circles app, so they can confirm their membership.

For organisations, we usually set up a special organisation-admin account, who is the owner of a main organisation folder. This user shares the main folder with the group (but is not itself part of the group to avoid circular share issues). An independent main folder owner is to prevent troubles, if a founding user would leave the organisation. An admin could transfer the ownership of a folder to another user, though: sudo -u www-data php occ files:transfer-ownership --path=“name of folder” usernamefrom usernameto

Alternatively, the groupfolder app may be an option which we are currently testing.


This is a quick guide to the nextcloud circles extension.

Circles allow users to create their own groups for sharing, messaging etc. It is very practical for sharing the storage space of your faircloud with other faircloud users.


Click on the circle icon at the top line to get an overview of existing public circles.

Creating a circle

In the top left search bar you can type a name, choose the circle type and create a circle.

  • Personal Circle: A circle for yourself to share links with etc. The circle is not accessible by anybody else but yourself.

  • Public Circle: A Circle that anyone can access and join. It's visible for everyone using our cloud.

  • Closed Circle: Can only be joined if allowed by an admin. This circle is visible for everyone.

  • Secret Circle: Cannot be seen by other users. Only can be joined if you're invited by an admin.

All circles can still be managed by admins and owners.

The circles can be managed by choosing the circle you want to edit in the dark grey bar second from the left where you can search for circles.


Editing the name, description as well as kicking users and deleting the circle can only be done by owners. Admins can add users, change roles and connect groups with the circle.

Sharing a file or folder

You can share a file or a folder by clicking on the sharing button (3 dots connected by two lines, on the right to the folder/file name) with

  • any user with a fairlogin account
  • any circle you are a member of
  • external users (sharing link - default valid for half a year)


After successfully sharing the folder you see a text saying "Shared" next to the sharing symbol. As well as the name of your circle listed in the sharing menu.


Adding external storage

Any user can add an external storage, which support WebDAV or sftp. If you need additional storage within nextcloud just order it.

Deleting your Account

If you want your Account to be removed send us an inquiry to, prior to that make sure that you back up all the files on the cloud.


If you encounter a problem or have a wish, please submit an issue on the left. Check the closed issues first, maybe someone already asked the question.

We also offer support packages to guide you or your team. Here you find all fairkom support channels.

Technical Documentation

faircloud documentation for fairkom sysamdins