Audio- and Videoconference server based on Jitsi Meet.

Welcome to fairmeeting

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https://fairmeeting.net is an audio and video conferencing service hosted in Europe by fairkom.


  1. Use a headset
  2. Connect your laptop with a LAN cable or sit near to your WiFi router
  3. Mute your microphone when not speaking
  4. Mute your video to save bandwidth for all participants
  5. Use the chat window to exchange meta - messages or links
  6. To structure your meeting and make notes, either use the built in shared document or prepare one before the meeting at board.net and share its link with the invitation
  7. Start with a check-in and end with a check-out e.g. by exchanging two hashtags each

Which web browser do you recommend?

Update: Right now Chrome/Chromium seems to have problems with fairmeeting. Try Firefox if Chrome is not working! Chromium (which is NOT from Google) or Google Chrome work best, as they supports P2P Multicast and save bandwidth for everybody and CPU load on the fairmeeting servers. Also a latest Edge browser works fine (as it got a Chrome engine embedded end of 2019). You could also use Firefox (may result in not hearing some users). Safari users would have to disable the “WebRTC Unified Plan” feature in the developer settings to be able to join.

Is there a mobile app?

Use the Jitsi Meet App for your smartphone. In the Settings menu, set https://fairmeeting.net as your server. It supports all features like a conference session in a browser, except playing or showing a Youtube video.

Is there a desktop app?

Use the Jitsi Meet Electron app for your laptop or PC. In the Settings menu, set https://fairmeeting.net as your server. It supports all features like a conference session in a browser.

Can I reserve a room?

Sure. Simply create a URL like https://fairmeeting.net/myroomname and you can use that room whenever you need it. Share the link as a location for the next meeting. Be the first who enters the room - then you get granted moderator rights and you could mute others.

Do I have to remove a room?

No. As soon as the latest person leaves the room, its chat and the board vanish. On the fairmeeting.net or the app's start page you see a list of rooms, which you had been entering. This is not stored on the server, but locally on your device only.

What are the limits and how does fairmeeting cost?

The service has no entry barriers, does not require registration and has no time limits.

We trust on our users to make a financial contribution if they use it regularly depending on their sector. This helps to cover server costs, contribute to new features and keep it ads free.

You find our self service plans fairmeeting small, medium and edu on our product page or at our Webshop. Those, who use fairmeeting only once or twice please Pay What You Can.

How many people can attend?

Up to 50 (as of March 2020). From May 2020 more than 100 (when upgraded to Videobridge2 ).

Where do I find more information on the service?

See the fairmeeting product page for usage conditions, pricing and additional information.

You find some more documentation at the fairchat FAQs (which has fairmeeting embedded).

Which ports does fairmeeting require?

Media streams go with RTP UDP through ports 10000-20000. If your firewall is blocking those, as a fallback, https TCP 443 is being used (with poorer quality via a TURN server).

On a terminal, you (or a technician at your office) can test if you can reach high UDP ports with the netcat command:

nc -vuz fairmeeting.net 10000
Connection to fairmeeting.net 10000 port [udp/*] succeeded!

There may be routers, firewalls or a VPN in your organisation, which block sending media streams. Talk to your network administrator to allow media streams to IP,,,,,,,,,, or *.fairmeeting.net

Does fairmeeting use cookies?

No. It does also not connect to any other third party server #35 .
The list of visited conferences is stored locally on the browser and is not sent from the server.

Is fairmeeting GDPR compliant?

Yes! fairmeeting is very GDPR sensitive and does not store anything from a conference on the servers. If your organisation needs an agreement (Datenverarbeitervereinbarung) then please get in touch with sales@fairkom.eu

Is fairmeeting encrypted?

Yes. fairmeeting uses the WebRTC standard, which has encryption built in. Choose a room name, nobody else can guess, unless you want visitors by chance 😉. You can also lock a room by setting a password (and pressing return) after all participants joined. For advanced security, E2EE can be activated by sharing a common secret with the shield icon when all participants use Chrome/Chromium or the Jitsi Desktop App.

Can I record or stream a session?

Recording of a stream is not built in fairmeeting due to GDPR. Simply use the RecordRTC extension for Chrome / Chromium browsers and record the tab.


If you append #config.iAmRecorder=true to the URL, the own video window will be hidden in the conference.

You can stream your session perfectly with the great Open Broadcaster Software. Here is a tutorial #20 (comment 21771) OBS even allows you also to insert scenes before or after your video conferencing sessions. Always ask all participants first!

Can I play stereo?

Yes, fairmeeting even transports Dolby Surround 5.1. To make that work append some commands to the URL like here: https://fairmeeting.net/stereotest#config.p2p.enabled=false&config.disableAP=true&config.disableAEC=true As a source you use line in (blue jack at PC rear), an audio loopback interface or simply play from a Youtube video within fairmeeting (behind three dots).

Can I dial in to a conference?

Dialing in with a phone number is not yet available. Please follow #3 if and when this feature will be implemented.

The conference freezes

  • Check that you have good Internet connectivity
  • Reload your browser (Ctrl-R or F5)
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption by switching off video

Who has moderator rights?

The person who starts a conference can mute or even kick out annoying participants (e.g. in case of large public meetings).

How can I start a breakout session?

For now, you need to organize it manually. You simply tell your audience, that they should form groups and each group can create and meet in a new room. Simply start a board with your meeting agenda and list the links for the breakout rooms there, which you may deine before like https://fairmeeting.net/breakout1 etc. Share the board URL to your participants before the meeting or in the meeting chat.

Donations or hands-on programming welcome to implement the automatisation of that feature #47 .

I have a question

Ask at the fairapps chat channel. Someone from the community or a technician may help.

I found a bug or have a feature wish

Submit or comment an issue here. Please look up first, if a similar issue has already be risen by somebody else.

What are the software components?

fairmeeting uses the wonderful work of the Jitsi Meet team. Their software is open source, but needs some skills to scale. And a lot of servers.