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    [CI] Restore cache on CI (#1029) · d8c557c3
    IlarionHalushka authored
    * feat: add fastlane save\restore cache config; comment not needed jobs;
    * install fastlane using 'bundle install'
    * install fastlane using 'sudo bundle install'
    * uncomment ios build commands
    * run set up google services in ios folder
    * add working_directory: ios to ios-build steps
    * remove 'cd ios' from Fastlane build step
    * add save\restore cache for npm modules
    * group save_cache steps
    * cache fastlane in ios-testflight job
    * uncomment previously commented jobs\steps
    * fix: add missing colon
    * use key for caching: node-modules-{{ checksum ".circleci/config.yml" }}-{{ checksum "yarn.lock" }}
    * add names for save\restore steps
    * ci: add `default` step with `working_directory: ~/repo` to ios-build job
    * return back caching npm: `node-v1-{{ checksum "package.json" }}-{{ arch }}`
    * fix: add missing curly braces
    * save\restore cache in e2e-test job; remove {{arch}} from cache names
    * add names to restore_cache steps in android-build job
    * add names to save_cache steps in android-build job
    * add names to all save\restore steps; change checksum package.json to yarn.lock
    * change `npm` to `NPM` in steps naming
    * remove {{ checksum circle ci }} from android-build job and fix naming of steps
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