Commit 593eb4e9 authored by TonyFord's avatar TonyFord
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parent 3c776ddb
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ RUN python3 build
WORKDIR /home/faircoin/.fairchains
RUN git clone
RUN cp ./fairchains-collection/FairCoin/FairCoinChain.json ./
COPY ./FairCoinChain.elextrumx.json ./FairCoinChain.elextrumx.json
COPY ./FairCoinChain.electrumx.json ./FairCoinChain.electrumx.json
COPY ./fairchains.conf ./fairchains.conf
COPY ./electrumx.csr ./electrumx.csr
COPY ./electrumx.crt ./electrumx.crt
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