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parent bba3ad0d
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ build-explorer:
- chmod +x setenv && . setenv
- deploy/build
timeout: 6h
stage: init
......@@ -35,6 +34,7 @@ init-explorer:
- chmod +x setenv && . setenv
- deploy/init
timeout: 6h
stage: start
# remove containers and volumes
docker-compose down -v
# initialize database
chmod +x ./services/db/
docker-compose up -d db
sleep 20
docker-compose exec -T db /opt/explorer/
# create config files and move to correct place
cat ${FAIRCHAINS_CONF} > ./services/faircoin/scripts/fairchains.conf
cat ${FAIRCHAINS_CONF} | sed -e s/netname/\#\ netname/g > ./services/faircoin/scripts/faircoin.conf
export AUTOSTART=0
......@@ -11,9 +17,17 @@ docker-compose up -d faircoin
docker-compose exec -T faircoin mv -f ./scripts/fairchains.conf .faircoin2/
docker-compose exec -T faircoin mv -f ./scripts/faircoin.conf .faircoin2/
docker-compose stop faircoin
# start faircoin service
export AUTOSTART=1
docker-compose up -d faircoin
export AUTOSTART=0
# start explorer service
cat ${CCE_CONF} | sed -e s/MYSQL_USER/${MYSQL_USER}/g -e s/MYSQL_PASSWORD/${MYSQL_PASSWORD}/g -e s/MYSQL_DATABASE_PORT/${MYSQL_DATABASE_PORT}/g > ./services/explorer/cce.conf
cat ${SERVER_CONF} | sed -e s/LH_PORT_explorer/${LH_PORT_explorer}/g > ./services/explorer/server.conf
docker-compose up -d explorer
sleep 20
# first time run of db initialization
docker-compose exec -T explorer python3 -n -l
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