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Fix the TIN

parent 3338e742
......@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@
IBAN: DE41 4306 0967 1152 3659 00<br/>
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG<br/>
Reference: <span t-field="o.partner_id.betabank_id"/>/<span t-field="o.number"/></p>
Reference: <span t-field="o.user_id.partner_id.betabank_id"/>/<span t-field="o.number"/></p>
<p>Please, is very important you write the reference in the bank transfer. Thank you for your attention.</p>
<xpath expr="//div[@class='col-xs-5 col-xs-offset-7']" position="inside">
<span t-if="o.partner_id.vat">TIN: <span t-field="o.partner_id.vat"/></span>
<xpath expr="//div/div[@class='col-xs-5 col-xs-offset-7']" position="inside">
<div class="pull-left" t-if="o.partner_id.vat">TIN: <span t-field="o.partner_id.vat"/></div>
<template id="report_external_layout_extends" inherit_id="report.external_layout_header">
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