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Mixed Media Platform

Portal FAQs for


Login and Registration with fairlogin (SSO)
Content management

Services (Mastodon, E-Mail, faircloud etc.)

Which technologies do we use?

Which CMS do we use for the main portal?

We use Wordpress. It is technologically not perfect (multi-lingual content may not perform well), but good enough for now and well known to most editors. We use it also to enter text based content.

Other technologies

We prefer using frameworks, that speak ActivityPub, which is the protocol for the Fediverse. That allows us to exchange content very easily in any direction.

  • PeerTube for video distribution
  • Mastodon for microblogging
  • CBA for audio
  • Kbin for discussions (to be integrated 2024)

See the WIKI pages of the MVP and advanced architecture.

For other infrastructure parts we solely use Open Source tools such as:

Which roles are foreseen?

Keycloak role

Wordpress role

PeerTube role

Mastodon role

cba role

use case
(not logged in) guest guest guest guest Visitor


(assigned automatically after self-registration)

Subscriber (may subscribe to feeds and may comment, if enabled) User (no uploads, may comment, if enabled) User (gets a fully functional Mastodon account) Subscriber (is currently disabled but will be the user role for non-uploaders) Engaged visitor and user of additional services

display_contributor (assigned by display_admin, in future triggered by subscription payment)

Contributor (may write post but not publish it) (10 GB quota, may publish only videos with private links) disabled Coop shareholder or has a subscription

display_author (must have signed publisher agreement, manually assigned by display_admin)

Author (can edit and publish own posts) (100 GB quota or more needs to be set manually)


Uploader roles: 'author' (Radio user who is part of a station) or 'podcaster' (Uploader who belongs to a channel).

Uploaders can add/edit/delete their own podcasts, add/edit/delete their own episodes.

Authors with publisher agreement

display_editor (manually assigned by display_admin)

Editor (can edit all posts and pages) Moderator


Disabled. Could be either mapped to role 'displeu_reviewer' that can edit posts/media/transcripts/translations tagged with 'displeu' and flag them as "approved" to be displayed on (resp. in the corresponding cba endpoint)

Could also be mapped to roles:

'station_manager' or 'channel_manager', who are able to edit all podcasts and episodes of their station/channel.

Editorial group


Administrator Administrator Administrator Administrator (role 'administrator') TechTeam, some of EditorialTeam

For roles overview see also #44 and for Wordpress roles

Who may use our Mastodon instance?

We open this to all who sign up, so also friends of displayeurope can get their microblogging home base with us. We have announced there our criteria, that need to be accepted when signing up the first time.

How to switch to another Mastodon account?



I have troubles to connect my client (f.e. Outlook) or to log int to my e-mail account

Please see
or see this video: