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## fairchat App
Qt based mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
Qt based mobile app for Android, iOS, ~~Windows Phone~~(dropped), with partial support for Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
Customized version for
Provided by
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* Add users to groups
## Build instructions
Install Qt5.8 Creator for Android on Linux
Install Qt5.12 for Android on Linux
Add Android SDK and add with SDK Manager your target SDK (e.g. 25 for Android 7)
Add in Qt5 path to NDK and SDK Android Kit
Install Android NDK
sudo apt-get install libgl-dev libpulse-dev
Start qt5 Creator and pull git
Start QtCreator and pull git
build and run on your Linux desktop for testing
### Deploy on Android
Build for Android 4.1 - 7.1:
Build for Android 4.2 - 9:
Connect your Android device with USB, get it into developer mode and switch USB debugging on.
In Qt creator on left menu bar select "Projects" and at Build settings for Android select "Use Gradle".
In Projects->android-arm...->Build Android APK->Additional Libraries->
You may need to add manually openssl/android/ + openssl/android/
### Deploy on iOS
Needs OS X as build environment
Install Qt Creator as described above
Code has to be built as Objective-C++ (-> Build Settings -> LLVM... -> Compile As)
App dev cert has to be installed in OS X certmanager, download here:
To have Push Notifications work correctly, the App needs to be signed and bundle identifier must be set
### Deploy on Windows Phone
how-to pending
## Issues & Feature requests
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