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[FIX] Failing iOS build on fork PR (#2558)

* Fix fastlane build for a fork PR

* Change the iOS fastlane command to build_fork
parent 52cfe079
......@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ jobs:
echo $APP_STORE_CONNECT_API_KEY | base64 --decode > ./fastlane/app_store_connect_api_key.p8
bundle exec fastlane ios release
bundle exec fastlane ios build
bundle exec fastlane ios build_fork
working_directory: ios
......@@ -59,20 +59,9 @@ platform :ios do
gym(scheme: "RocketChatRN", workspace: "RocketChatRN.xcworkspace")
desc "Build App for development"
lane :build do |options|
workspace: "RocketChatRN.xcworkspace",
scheme: "RocketChatRN",
configuration: "Debug",
clean: options[:clean],
build: true,
destination: "generic/platform=iOS",
build_settings: {
desc "Build fork app"
lane :build_fork do
gym(scheme: "RocketChatRN", workspace: "RocketChatRN.xcworkspace", skip_codesigning: true, skip_archive: true)
after_all do |lane|
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