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    [CHORE] Make e2e pass on CircleCI (#933) · f7a5db05
    IlarionHalushka authored
    * add README.md for running ios detox e2e tests
    * uncomment circle ci e2e tests
    * update e2e credentials and server url
    * update e2e credentials and docs
    * comment lastMessage prop on RoomListView->RoomItem (research realm bug)
    * add sleep before search in joinpublic room test (research realm bug)
    * use detox.launchApp instead of detox.reloadRN, (joinpuclicroom test)
    * make e2e job run only on approval; update docs with PR review comments
    * cache node_modules on CI jobs: e2e tests, ios build
    * fix circle CI caching node_modules
    * fix circle CI caching node_modules
    * revert changes connected to caching node_modules
    * remove unnecessary changes
    * revert email value to diego.mello
    * add stopTrackingMention when input becomes empty in messagebox
    * add Android run instruction to readme
    * fix spacing
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