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    [NEW] Create discussions (#1942) · 475ccbd9
    Djorkaeff Alexandre authored
    * [WIP][NEW] Create Discussion
    * [FIX] Clear multiselect & Translations
    * [NEW] Create Discussion at MessageActions
    * [NEW] Disabled Multiselect
    * [FIX] Initial channel
    * [NEW] Create discussion on MessageBox Actions
    * [FIX] Crashing on edit name
    * [IMPROVEMENT] New message layout
    * [CHORE] Update README
    * [NEW] Avatars on MultiSelect
    * [FIX] Select Users
    * [FIX] Add redirect and Handle tablet
    * [IMPROVEMENT] Split CreateDiscussionView
    * [FIX] Create a discussion inner discussion
    * [FIX] Create a discussion
    * [I18N] Add pt-br
    * Change icons
    * [FIX] Nav to discussion & header title
    * Fix header
    Co-authored-by: default avatarDiego Mello <diegolmello@gmail.com>
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