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    • Pedro Beschorner Marin's avatar
      fix(polling): stop current running poll · 57e27bb4
      Pedro Beschorner Marin authored
      As far as I could understand, polls are tightly coupled with the meeting
      main content area, or at least they were and we still have to deal with
      this close relation between them. Not sure if it's something we'll keep
      this way forever but, from my candid perspective, looks like this is already
      diverging inside the poll model. Polls are indexed by presentation pages,
      screenshare or even something called "public" that I'm not 100% what
      actually means. My best guess is anything besides the first and the second.
      The polling stop process lacks to inform which pollId is scoped at source
      so it relies on akka-apps to discover based on the current state of other
      apps. This looks like the major problem over this polling termination issue.
      Made a few changes at the running poll getter fallback at the polling stop
      process. Following the premise that there is only one running poll available,
      we make sure to return a valid running poll (if there's one).
    • Mario Jr's avatar
      Show more network info in connection status modal · a2eae568
      Mario Jr authored
      We now show jitter, lost packets and turn server informations