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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Developing Wrapped Faircoin (WFAIR). Wrapped Faircoin is an ERC20 token smart co
Funding can be received in ether at this contract address: 0x695e0653BD662Ed0Deb7e9ECD480cf51A9c1eF12
[detailed proposal here] ( )
Technical whitepaper [ [EN](fip-0004/fip-0004-en.pdf) ] [ES](fip-0004/fip-0004-es.pdf)
Technical whitepaper [ [EN](fip-0004/fip-0004-en.pdf) [ES](fip-0004/fip-0004-es.pdf) ]
## Copyright
......@@ -39,11 +39,11 @@ Ethereum network is the most extended public blockchain network with a bigger nu
## Specification
-ERC20 Ethereum smart contract standar
-Mintable/burnable/stoppable erc20 (OpenZeppelin libraries)
-Custodian multisig wallet
-API Rest Server (for interactions)
-Web design (promotion)
- ERC20 Ethereum smart contract standar
- Mintable/burnable/stoppable erc20 (OpenZeppelin libraries)
- Custodian multisig wallet
- API Rest Server (for interactions)
- Web design (promotion)
## Backwards Compatibility
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