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initial upload of fip system

Welcome to the FIPS repository where community members can propose changes to the FairCoin EcoSystem.
## Contributing
The FIP is based on the Lisk's [LIP]( system but smarter and adjusted to the needs of the FairCoin EcoSystem.
Before contributing please read carefully the following [guidelines](proposals/
If you have any questions on how to proceed with a new or existing proposal, please contact the FIPs Admins at [](
## Proposals
| Number | Title | Author | Type | Status |
| ------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------- | ----------------|----------------------|---------------|
| [0001](proposals/ | FIP purpose and guidelines | FairCoin | Process | Draft |
FIP: 0001
Title: FIP purpose and guidelines
Author: FairCoin
Status: Draft
Type: Organization
Created: 2019-03-12
Updated: 2019-03-12
## Abstract
A FairCoin Improvement Proposal (FIP) is a systematically documentation of proposals that want improve the FairCoin EcoSystem.
Every FIP author should discuss the proposal before add it to the list.
It is recommend to find consensus inside the community but not mandatory in all cases.
## Copyright
This FIP is licensed under the [GNU General Public License, version 3][gpl-3].
## Proposal Workflow
#### Create a draft and discuss
At first every proposal starts with a draft that will created by the author in a custom format ( pad, markdown document, pdf, ... ).
English language is not mandatory. Proposals can written in the author's native language.
Make it public in the community and discuss it. If it is not written in english then it is recommend to use translators or translate it to english too.
#### Get feedback and improve it
Get feedback from the community and improve your proposal.
#### Create FIP document
filename: ( structure und format see below this document )
#### Send it to FIPs Admin to check
Contact a FIPs admin that can add your proposal to the list.
Every FIP will checked by the FIPs admin ( language, grammar, understandable, format and structure ok, ...)
#### Find supporters
Every proposal should be a significant number of members ( a dozen ) that want support the proposal.
#### Initialize project
It is recommend to manage the project systematically.
* Who are the developers / makers and how I to get in contact ( nicknames, link to telegram group, ... )
* Timeline, Milestones
* Workspace, documentation of the progress ( can be a git, wiki, shared document, ... )
If the proposal is technical based then it is recommend to create a git repository for the proposal and manage the issues there.
#### Update FIP status
If the project is Initialized successfully then let change the status of FIP from Draft to Active.
If an Active project wants to be rejected by the project members then set the status from Active to Rejected.
If an Active project is not Active anymore and paused or stopped then the status can changed from Active to Inactive.
If an Active project is done or wants to be replaced by another proposal then the Project changes from Active to Final ( and from Final to Replaced. )
## FIP Format and Structure
FIPs should be written in [Markdown][markdown] format. A template FIP is provided [here][fips-template] as the basis for all new proposals.
Each FIP should have the following parts:
* Preamble—Headers containing metadata about the FIP.
* Abstract—A short (~200 word) description of the technical issue being addressed.
* Copyright—Each FIP must be licensed under the [GNU General Public License, version 3][gpl-3].
* Specification—The technical specification should describe the syntax and semantics of any new feature.
* Motivation—Why we should work on this proposal? Which aspect could be improved by this proposal?
* Rationale—It describes the history of the proposal. What was the starting point, which experiences were made and alternatives tried or discussed.
* Backwards compatibility—All proposals must describe the compatibility to the existing system and if it is not compatible then explain how it could work additionally or by a transition stage.
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FIP: <FIP number>
Title: <FIP title>
Author: <List of authors' names including contact>
? Discussion-To: <Link to chat group or forum where the FIP can be discussed>
? Comments-URI: <Link to user comments ( wiki page, etc. )>
Type: <Blockchain | Application | Organization | Exchange>
Status: <Draft | Deferred | Active | Inactive | Rejected | Final | Replaced>
Created: <YYYY-MM-DD>
Updated: <YYYY-MM-DD>
? Requires: <FIP number(s)>
? Replaces: <FIP number>
? Superseded-By: <FIP number>
? = optional
## Abstract
Describe in brief what this proposal achieves and how.
## Copyright
This FIP is licensed under the [GNU General Public License, version 3](
## Motivation
Describe the motivations for this proposal.
## Rationale
Describe the reasoning behind this proposal.
## Specification
Describe in detail how this proposal can be achieved.
## Backwards Compatibility
Describe any incompatibilities with the existing protocol, including their severity and how they can be dealt with.
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