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FIP: 0004
Title: WFAIR Wrapped Faircoin Crowdfunding
Author: Xuann (
Type: Distribution
Module: Markets
Status: Funding
Created: 2019-03-15
Updated: 2019-03-18
Scheduled: 2019-06-01
Files: [fip-0004-en.pdf,fip-0004-es.pdf]
## Abstract
Developing Wrapped Faircoin (WFAIR). Wrapped Faircoin is an ERC20 token smart contract on Ethereum network backed by Faircoin asset for its use in decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and decentralized applications (DAPPs).
Funding can be received in ether at this contract address: 0x695e0653BD662Ed0Deb7e9ECD480cf51A9c1eF12
[detailed proposal here] ( )
Technical whitepaper [ [EN](fip-0004/fip-0004-en.pdf) ] [ES](fip-0004/fip-0004-es.pdf)
## Copyright
[GNU General Public License, version 3] ( )
## Motivation
This proposal cames with the motivation of extending Faircoin use to Ethereum dapps and to spread Faircoin in a wider dev community.
## Rationale
Ethereum network is the most extended public blockchain network with a bigger number of developers working on it. DEXs can allow to trade and exchange Faircoin without need of depositing the coins, staying in ownership of the secret keys. The 0x protocol is actually connecting all major DEXs platforms.
## Specification
-ERC20 Ethereum smart contract standar
-Mintable/burnable/stoppable erc20 (OpenZeppelin libraries)
-Custodian multisig wallet
-API Rest Server (for interactions)
-Web design (promotion)
## Backwards Compatibility
WFAIR is fully compatible with Faircoin protocols and related fips. It will bring Faircoin to Ethereum compatibility.
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