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## Abstract
Developing Wrapped Faircoin (WFAIR). Wrapped Faircoin is an ERC20 token smart contract on Ethereum network backed by Faircoin asset for its use in decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and decentralized applications (DAPPs).
Funding can be received in ether at this contract address: 0x695e0653BD662Ed0Deb7e9ECD480cf51A9c1eF12
[detailed proposal here] ( )
Technical whitepaper [ [EN](fip-0004/fip-0004-en.pdf) [ES](fip-0004/fip-0004-es.pdf) ]
[detailed proposal here]( )
Technical whitepaper [ [EN](fip-0004/fip-0004-en.pdf) | [ES](fip-0004/fip-0004-es.pdf) ]
## Copyright
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